Quality Policy


Smart Telecom is committed to delivering the highest standards of quality, safety and responsiveness in the Telecommunication solutions and services we provide for our customers. Smart Telecom’s quality policy aims to improve the Quality Management System continuously. It is planned to fulfill customer demands and needs very well. In parallel, it is designed to successfully finalize the projects in time, and complete the processes without error to increase customer satisfaction. We are committed to business excellence as encapsulated by the following principles:

We are accountable for the Quality of our work and will perform to the best of our capabilities at all times. We endorse Human Factors principles and incorporate them in our quality approach.

We communicate our Quality Policy with our customers, employees, vendors and partners and solicit their inputs to enable us to meet their expectations. We actively promote this policy across all levels of our employees and encourage them to embrace Quality as their personal reportable errors or incidents to the relevant parties and are committed to an open reporting culture. We encourage sharing of information on quality and shall always cooperate with quality auditors commitment.

We understand our customer’s needs and realize that a long-term successful partnership can only be sustained by ensuring that qualitative high-grade products and services are offered.

Our Quality Management System was introduced to ensure that the highest quality demands are met and to facilitate achievement of our self-defined quality goals.