About Smart Telecom


Smart Telecom is the leading Telecom & IT Solution and Service provider in Afghanistan, Established in 2009 specializing in Telecom Network Planning & Design, Implementation to Operations & Maintenance. We offer a complete range of Telecom & IT services in Afghanistan, that include world-class passive Telecom Infrastructure, Telecom Network Planning, Design and Operations & Maintenance services.


Smart Telecom is one-stop shop for Telecom & IT infrastructure, Mobile Content Provider and engineering services including Project Management, Radio Frequency ngineering, Telecom Tower Design & Supply, Telecom Shelters, Engineering Constructions & Projects, Engineering Services.

Our Major concern is to provide complete satisfaction of our clients by offering outstanding services at cost effective rates, that’s why Smart Telecom recognized its role since establishment in providing Solutions & Services to mobile network operators, International Third Party vendors, Government & non-government organizations in field of Telecommunication, Power, Construction, Maintenance, Logistics, Consultancy and turnkey projects.


Smart Telecom is involved in the latest technologies in Afghanistan on 3G & 2G Networks, Broadband, Fixed Wireless Networks, Internet, Mobile Solutions, PSTN, Satellite, RF, BSS, Core, IN, Value-Added Services, Telecom Consumer services, Telecom Networks, Computer Hardware and Software, Components and Accessories, and it has many initiatives, partners with other companies in Middle East working on existing projects, deployed products and services in the market.


We are dedicated to provide professional high quality services through innovation in design, technology, updated and professional tools and our aim to provide our customers with reliable, high quality materials with reasonable price to make your business run more efficiently.