Civil Works


Site Survey & Design

We provide Site Survey & Design to our Telecom and Enterprise customers.


Survey and design of the site are carried out before the installation of the towers in the following steps:

  • Survey the site to plan specific placing of various components of the structures/building
  • Survey and Design for GSM, CDMA, VSAT & Radio Sites
  • Survey and Design for Optical Fiber connectivity Projects
  • Test the soil for its bearing capacity
  • Layout plan preparation of the site
  • Site Survey for Optical Fiber connectivity Projects


Civil Works

We carry out design and execution of foundations and associated Civil Works.

We can provide you with the necessary geo-technical report complete with boring log and recommendations for proper foundation design that meets your tower specifications. We can provide installation on a completely raw land site with site clearing, grading and civil work, grounding installation and testing, telephone and electrical services and fencing.

We can install  foundations for the following structures:

  • Towers
  • Shelters and buildings of various types and sizes
  • Trenching, Pipe laying, boring, Backfilling for Optical Fiber Projects
  • Power backup DG sets for vibration free and low noise
  • Construction of Manhole & Hand hole


Tower Supply


Types of Towers we can supply:

  • Ground Based Towers
  • Roof Top Towers
  • Roof Top Poles
  • Guyed Mast Towers


Our Site execution includes

  • All kind of Tower Foundation
  • Shelter / Outdoor Foundation
  • DG Foundation
  • Compound Wall
  • Security Room


Tower Erection & Painting: Our Tower erection and painting procedures comply with aviation rules.

Clearances / Permissions: We obtain permissions from Local Administrative Bodies and pollution Control Boards.

Acceptance tests: We conduct acceptance tests.