Networking Solution & Services


Smart Telecom provides an extensive range of network products and services, which enable us to offer clients sustainable business solutions.


Network Design Consultants

Smart Telecom employ highly trained and experienced network design consultants.

  • Our network design consultants can design or re-engineer a network infrastructure that provides the capacity, scalability, security, availability, manageability and serviceability required by today's most demanding applications.
  • The network design consultants will audit your network infrastructure and will advise you on where upgrades would be advisable, where bottlenecks are or are likely to be in the future, and where the network's security is at risk.
  • Customers may want to utilize the latest technologies such as Voice over IP and Multimedia conferencing, however many legacy networks have limited support for Rich Media.
  • Our network consultancy services will assist you in the choice of new hardware where needed, appropriate Quality of Service implementations and all necessary steps to converge your data and voice infrastructures into a single network.
  • Smart Telecom provides networking, infrastructure and technology solutions to SME and Corporate organizations.
  • We offer a consultative approach to technology and feature a wide range of services that will provide your business with greater productivity and efficient communication.


Network Maintenance

Smart Telecom provides a comprehensive and flexible range of network maintenance options, making sure we have a service to meet your exact needs and budget.

  • We offer on site and remote management maintenance facilities dependent on client preferences.
  • You have made significant investments in your network, but without the support to keep it running and properly performing, you risk costly network failures.
  • Our comprehensive service solutions can help improve network performance by assisting in maintaining high availability, reducing risks, and optimizing your network.
  • Our trained and certified engineers can answer questions and help you with implementation and operational concerns.
  • Take advantage of this expertise and knowledge not just to solve problems, but also to gain information on converged networks and applications, security, performance, and wireless solutions.
  • Depending on the level of support you require, we offer service level agreements to be on site or provide remote assistance within set timescales during working hours or even 24 hour around the clock support if required.


Network Products

Smart Telecom has a wide portfolio of Network products, provided by leading industry vendors and manufactures.

  • Cisco Systems
  • HP Procurve
  • IBM


Network Services

Smart Telecom have a wide portfolio of Network services and support options available to clients operating within most if not all vertical market sectors;

  • Network Consultancy (LAN)
  • Network Design (LAN)
  • Network Hardware Installation and Configuration
  • Network Maintenance and Support
  • IP CCTV Consultancy
  • IP CCTV Design
  • IP CCTV Installation
  • IP CCTV Maintenance and Support
  • WiFi Network Consultancy (WLAN)
  • WiFI Network Design (WLAN)
  • WiFi Network Hardware Installation and Configuration
  • WiFi Network Maintenance and Support
  • Network Infrastructure Cabling Consultancy
  • Network Infrastructure Cabling Design
  • Network Infrastructure Cabling Installation
  • Network Infrastructure Cabling Maintenance and Support


Point to Point Wireless

  • Many organizations require connectivity between their headquarters, branch offices and other stakeholders such as suppliers and customers. With the adoption of converged services like video, voice and data these remote connections often require both increased bandwidth and also quality of service to safeguard data for time sensitive applications.
  • Whilst some of these services are available using modern WAN technology such as MPLS, they always come at a premium both in terms of the installation costs and the ongoing rental costs. Despite being delivered as a copper pair or fiber, these connections are normally only given a contractual SLA of 99.97% availability.
  • These expensive leased lines can often be replaced by a single capital cost wireless bridge link which will normally provide more bandwidth and greater availability (99.995%). In most cases the ROI compared to a leased line can be as little as 12 months.
  • There is no substitute for correct and proper planning when it comes to the specification and subsequent installation of hi-speed point to point links, regardless of whether they are unlicensed or licensed. Due to the often business critical nature of such links it is essential that the link is going to work and operate at the required data rate and availability.
  • Smart Telecom perform extensive planning of each point to point even before the customer has been provided with a price for the hardware.


Audio Visual Systems

  • Smart Telecom design, install and seamlessly integrate audio visual and IT systems using all available technology to provide cost effective and innovative solutions for our clients.
  • Organizations are increasingly turning to powerful Audio Visual technologies to make a difference to the way they communicate and convey information. In turn, the world's leading manufacturers of audio visual systems are creating dynamic products that are bringing organizations together and helping them to communicate, collaborate and convey more effectively.
  • From concept through to completion, we are there to ensure that the design is implemented to budget and on time. We liaise and co-ordinate with other specialists and trades, provide onsite supervision of installation works, commissioning and system acceptance providing all of the necessary drawings and documentation.
  • Audio Visual methods can revolutionize your business communications, corporate efficiency and training programs. Why? Because AV communication is the most effective way of getting your message across to a wide audience without having to get everyone in a single room at the same time.
  • We specialize in the corporate and educational sectors and provide a complete Audio Visual solution including design, installation, maintenance and support.


Access Control Systems

  • Smart Telecom provide access control systems. Access control provides security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter a building and when. The systems we provide will keep your buildings, staff and assets secure. From one door up to hundreds of doors across multiple sites, we have a solution to suit your needs.
  • Implementing an access control system can feel like a big change in company practice. The access control should give the benefit of additional security without requiring time consuming administration. Our systems are intuitive and straightforward to administer. The increased security is a benefit to all, rather than a benefit for some and a headache for those who have to administer it.