IVR Recordings & Translation


IVR Recordings professionally reflect your brand!

We currently provide IVR and other phone system-related recordings to many leading organizations.


How does IVR Recording work?

Our IVR recording package involves a simple, three-step process:

Step 1: Voice selection.

Step 2: Total IVR re-record.

Step 3: On standby for IVR updates with the same voice talent.

All material is recorded and mixed in our professional digital studios and supplied in any file format required (eg. wav, mp3, aiff, PCM, alaw, ulaw), and can be emailed or web delivered within hours of production if required.


How much does IVR Recording cost?

Our IVR service is based on a monthly service fee for:

a. A total re-record, and

b. Your update requirements throughout the year.

Our package fees are based on talent requirement, word count, number of prompts and the number of actual recording sessions required per year.


How soon will you receive your Recordings?

Usually within 48 to 36 hours from confirmation of scripts and the placement of your order. Urgent material can be turned around the same day if required.


How is IVR Scripting done?

Smart Telecom have a dedicated scripting customer service team that will work closely with your nominated scripting contacts.

We keep copies of all scripts and productions on file along with voice talent used, music tracks used, etc. We also email scripting update reminder prompts automatically and then follow this up with phone contact, entering all instructions and requests into our customer database.


Our Nation-Wide lifetime replacement guarantee

All productions are covered by a national 24-hour replacement guarantee for the life of our service. Our aim is to provide a total maintenance and updating package for a simple monthly service fee.



We are having professional & experienced Translators in translating English to many Local Afghan languages for IVR prompts.

The translations will be sent to customer for their review and approval and then can be given to our production team for recording.